Modalities Offered by Michele

As a Certified Practitioner and Teacher of Body-Mind Centering® (BMC), I utilize the key principles of BMC to form my approach to private sessions, classes, and workshops. I may blend any of the following modalities to best meet your specific needs and goals. I can also offer any of these modalities in their original form.

Body-Mind Centering (BMC) ® Classes, Workshops and Private Sessions are available.

Body-Mind Centering deepens your connection to the internal wisdom of your body, mind and movement. This is an experiential journey that guides you in an understanding of how the mind is expressed through the body in movement. You will explore your own anatomy, physiology, embryology and developmental movement as you learn to identify, activate and integrate how your muscles, ligaments, bones, organs and fluids influence how you move.

As you bring your awareness to specific layers within your body through internal tracking, somatization, touch and movement, you learn to sense how each tissue and body system within your being organizes, responds and expresses itself in posture and movement.

Individual BMC sessions consist of hands-on techniques to increase your awareness of how you move. Learning how your internal structures and systems operate will help you move with more ease and comfort. As you learn how your inner body supports your external movement, you can learn to release muscular tension and breathe more efficiently. At the end of each session we will explore ways to integrate this awareness into your daily life for optimal healing and performance.

Body-Mind Centering® is a registered service mark and BMCSM is a service mark of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen used with permission.

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Feldenkrais ® Private sessions and Group Classes/Workshops are available.

Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement (ATM) classes are guided movement explorations. These classes will help you discover how you move. Habitual movements and ways of perceiving yourself can impede your coordination, strength, and balance. You will learn new ways to become aware of your movements, decrease muscle tension and pain, find ease of motion, make breathing easier, and improve coordination and balance. You will enjoy a renewed sense of ease, grace and self-awareness.

An individualized Feldenkrais session is called a Functional Integration (FI) lesson. This type of session is helpful for a variety of goals such as reducing pain or stress, improving shoulder function, or enabling yourself to sit, walk or play more easily. During an FI session, we jointly explore how you move. By using gentle touch, movement and verbal suggestions, we clarify what changes you would like to make and start creating pathways for more ease, comfort and support.

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Franklin Method ® Group Classes/Workshops are available.

Franklin Method is a way for you to learn about yourself as a living, breathing, thinking, moving being involving experiential anatomy, somatics and imagery. This work explores the role of the mind in movement and the natural way our body is designed to function. It looks at the question of how bones, muscle and organs work together to function efficiently. The goal is to achieve a healthier, happier life by helping to improve your experience and skill in the activities you love to do.

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Rolfing ® Private Sessions are available.

Rolfing is a system that helps you to live more comfortably in your body through deep body manipulation and movement education. This is a sophisticated technique for lengthening, aligning and ordering the human body in the gravitational field. Rolfing facilitates this balancing and re-alignment of the body structure by releasing strain, torsion and tension in the connective tissues. This improves posture, reduces pain, and creates a new sense of freedom in the body. Through Rolfing, you achieve an enhanced sense of ease, efficiency, and elegance in everyday movement, whether it is walking, sitting, doing physical work or art, or playing sports.

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