Living Embodied Services

Through the Living Embodied process, I offer Private Sessions, Classes and Workshops that uniquely weave Body-Mind Centering® with Feldenkrais®, Rolfing®, Yoga, and Movement. This is an opportunity for you to learn the language of your body from the inside out. You can directly experience the movement of your body-mind through the use of awareness, consciousness, touch and movement. Any of these services will deepen your understanding of how you move and support yourself in your life.

"When the tissue is awake, it knows what to do."

- Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen
Private Sessions offer a unique blend of hands-on techniques, movement, and therapeutic exercise based on your specific needs and modalities of interest to you. You will have a choice of energetic, gentle, or deep touch. Sessions will include developing an awareness of your internal body systems and tissues to support your posture and movement. Along with facilitating deep physical change, you will be guided toward a shift in awareness to an enriched body-mind relationship.
Classes awaken the body's natural intelligence through a Body-Mind Centering® approach to Movement and Yoga. As you become aware of the fluid organic inner movement of your body’s systems, tissues and cells, you will gain an appreciation for the wisdom already inside. This allows your posture and movement to unfold naturally with a sense of substance, flow and ease.

Workshops are an invitation to the process of embodying your living, breathing anatomy and the developmental process that underlies all movement. This is an opportunity to explore how your cells, tissues and major body systems initiate movement and how they express different qualities. Here you can deepen your experience and understanding of how your body systems support the balance of your being.

Group classes, workshops, and individual sessions are available.
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